Swarovski Crystals — the Ultimate List of What You Can Decorate


Swarovski crystals can be used to add a bit of sparkle to nearly anything you own. Thanks to the different types of crystals and glue applicators you can buy, you can add them to both soft fabrics and hard plastics and metals.
All it takes is a bit of imagination to decide what to decorate and how to decorate it. To open you mind to the wide range of things you could customise, here’s a list of 50 of the most popular items that people apply Swarovski crystals to:


Perhaps one of the cheapest and easiest things you can start with, any humble t-shirt can be made unique with the application of the some crystal beads.
How to decorate your T-shirt with Swarovski crystals
Perhaps even cheaper than a t-shirt, any vest can equally be customised, plus, adding detail to the shoulder straps and neckline can make it seem very dressy.
Leather jacket
You can give the traditional tough denim jacket a feminine twist by creating a design on the lapels or a large design on the back.

Jeans are perhaps the most common item of clothing out there, so you can make yours standout with a unique crystal design or trim.
Denim jacket
Like a leather jacket, apply crystals to a denim jacket can give a traditionally tough piece of clothing a softer touch.
Denim shorts
The shops have been flooded with denim shorts over the last couple of years, so make yours unique by decorating them your self.
Evening dress
If you’ve got an evening dress you’ve worn too much already, instead of buying another give it a new lease of life by applying your own diamante designs to it.
Cheap and lightweight, a sarong can be made a little bit more special by the addition of a unique design.

Again, the humble shirt can be transformed by a sprinkle of crystals, perhaps to the collar or cuffs to keep it subtle.


Canvas trainers
These normally casual items can be given a new lease of life and individuality by applying Swarovski crystals.

High heels
Make your glamorous shoes even more glamorous by adding extra dazzle with a diamante design.

Your flip-flops don’t have to look like everyone elses. Even a simple design added to the thongs can transform them.

Like your flip-flops your sandals can be quickly and easily transformed with a simple and cheap design.

Along with leather jackets above, tough old boots can be given the feminine touch with the application of a bead design.

Ballet pumps
Another item that has been very popular of late, you can individualise yours and easily standout from the crowd.


Any dull belt can be transformed with a flat-back crystal design. You could decorate the whole belt or just focus on the buckle.

The arms of sunglasses can be perfect for adding crystals. Especially wide plastic-framed sunglasses.
Normal glasses

And if sunglasses are perfect, that means that normal glasses can be perfect too.
Bag or suitcase

If you’ve ever waited for your luggage to arrive in baggage claim, you’ll know how similar they all look. Give yours a twist and make it instantly recognisable with a few Swarovski beads.

Hair band
Not so popular these days, so perhaps you could bring them up to date by decorating an old one and reintroducing it to your wardrobe.

Plastic bangles
Wide plastic bangles are a cheap and easy thing to start customising and making unique.

If you want to make a cheap watch feel a little more special you can try customising it with crystal beads. You could focus on the case, the strap, or both.

Give your daily handbag a bit of a lift, or give a bit more pizzazz to an evening handbag. You could just focus on the strap, the fastener or the whole thing.

And if you can decorate your handbag, why not decorate the things inside too and start with your purse.

Any style of hat can be customised with crystal beads. Especially popular are baseball caps.

Personalise your gloves with a design on the back of the hand, or cover the whole glove for the Michael Jackson effect.

There’s nothing to say that you can’t embellish something that’s already sparkly. Bring a new lease of life to old jewellery with the addition of more bling.


Mobile phone
Your mobile phone is an ideal item for you to customise and make it unique compared to every other one out there.

Laptop case
Like a bigger version of your mobile phone, your laptop case is something else you can make completely different to every other one out there.

Finger/toe nails
Why stop at decorating your possessions when you can decorate yourself. Turn yourself into a work of art for the day.

And for that matter, why stop at your finger and toe nails. You can now decorate your skin with diamante for really special occasions.

Wine glasses
Turn your wine glasses into the centre of the conversation at your next dinner party by applying your own unique design.

Tea light holders
Take the same technique you used for your wine glasses and apply designs to your tea light holders too.

Notebook or diary
These items are usually very personal so why not make them even more personal by customising the cover.

Add a little bling to your ride by customising your bike. You could leave it at a small design on the frame, or even try to cover the whole thing.

Bike helmet
And once you’ve finished with your bike, you’ll have to make sure your bike helmet matches too.

Christmas ornaments
Make cheap ornaments like plain baubles look much more expensive by giving them the crystal bead treatment.

Home accessories
Transform items like picture frames, cushions, bedding or lampshades with your own unique designs.

Add little touches of design to any wood, fabric or metals based furniture in your house.

And don’t stop at the furniture, you can even decorate your walls with diamante.

Pet’s collar
Give your pet the luxury treatment by giving their old collar a make over.
So, as you can see, the possibilities are almost endless with what you can decorate with Swarovski crystals.
Share your designs and inspiration
Have you decorated any of these items, or any items we’ve missed? Email us and send us the details of what you decorated and how you did it, and we’ll add it to our guide.


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The application of Swarovski hotfix flat back crystals gives that special occasion garment an extra sparkle to lift it to another level. Hotfix flat back Swarovskicrystals are easy to apply with a dry iron. To help prevent scorching and shining without cutting down on the heat whilst applying the crystals Beads and Crystals sell a brilliant cloth with a 100% PTFE coating which will not mark the bottom of the iron. The cloth is ideal when using crystal transfers. For individual stones Beads and Crystals recommend the use of the electric powered Kandi Kane Crystal Applicator Wand which comes complete with 10 tips and free tweezers and wire cleaning brush.


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For crystallizing your mobile phone, laptop, data pen, mirrors or attach beads and pearls to jewellery wire and other stringing materials Beads and Crystals recommend using using GS Hypo Cement. The precision applicator nozzle allows you to place small quantities of glue inside beads without creating a mess. Great for assembling illusion or floating designs with crystal beads,plastic beads, glass beads, metal beads, and ceramic beads. The cement dries clear, will not bond your fingers, and will not damage the surface to which it is applied. The precision applicator has the added advantage of cutting down waste.


As an all round adhesive Beads and Crystals recommend Gem-Tac. Gem-Tac glue makes its very easy to embellish clothes, jeans, jackets, dance wear, ballroom gowns, wedding dresses, costumes, purses, mobile phones, glasses, the list is endless! Gem-Tac is great for adding that extra touch of sparkle on to denim, fabrics, leather, also great for bonding lace, fabrics, trims, and decorative wire to glass, ceramics, patent leather, wood, vinyl, and even some plastics. Gem-Tac bonds gems, sequins, glitter and Swarovski rhinestones to fabrics, glass, vinyl, metal and patent leather. This terrific multi-purpose adhesive dries crystal clear and is washable, best of all its non-toxic and non-flammable.


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Beads and Crystals is able to supply the following CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6000 Drop Pendant Swarovski Crystal.CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6002 Crystal Swarovski Pendant CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6007 Small Briolette Pendant Swarovski Crystal CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6010 Briolette Pendants Swarovski Crystal CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6012 Flat Pear Briolette Pendant Swarovski Crystal CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6015 13mm,17mm, 21mm and 50mm Polygon Drop Swarovski Crystal/CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/ 6039 New for 2009 Swarovski  Disc Pendant This is a gorgeous CRYSTALLIZEDTM  Swarovski crystal Disc Pendant,  /CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6100 NEW!!! Swarovski Crystal Pendant Drop CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6090 16x11mm Baroque Pendant Swarovski Crystal CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6090 22x15mm Baroque Pendant Swarovski Crystal CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6106 NEW! Swarovski crystal Drop Pendant CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6200 Crystal round pendant 12mm Crystal CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6202 10.3x10mm Heart Pendants Swarovski Crystal CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6202 14.4x14mm Heart Pendants Swarovski Crystal CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6202 18x17.5mm Heart Pendants Swarovski Crystal and 10mm sold in Pairs! CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6202 28mm Heart Pendants Swarovski Crystal CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6202 40mm Heart Pendants Swarovski Crystal

CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6225 Crystal Heart 10mm & 18mmm & 28mm Swarovski Crystal CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6301 6mm Swarovski crystal Pendant CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6460 Swarovski crystal Column Pendant CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6620 20mm and 40mm Avant Garde Pendant Swarovski Crystal CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6650 Cubist Pendant Swarovski Crystal NEW! CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6656 GALACTIC VERTICAL Swarovski crystal 39mm and 27mmGalactic Vertical Swarovski crystal Pendant has simple clean lines and large facets, which make them sparkle in the light.They have a chunky feel to them, great for making them perfect to use as focal beads or just thread some organza ribbon through for a single drop pendant.The 27mm pendant is 16mm wide and 27mm in length. They have a 1mm hole through the top of the pendant.The larger 39mm pendant is 23mm wide and 39mm in length. They have a large 1.5mm hole through the top of the pendant. CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6657 Horizontal Swarovski crystal Galactic 23.5 x 39mm Swarovski crystal Galactic Horizontal Pendant The Galactic Horizontal Pendant has simple clean lines and large facets, making them sparkle beautifully in the light. They have a lovely chunky feel to them, making them perfect to use as stunning pendants CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6670 De-Art Pendant Swarovski Crystal CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6680 Cosmic Pendant Swarovski Crystal CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6704 Snowflake Pendants Swarovski Crystal  CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6714 20mm, 28mm & 40mm Star Pendant Swarovski Crystal CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6714 20mm, 28mm & 40mm Star Pendant Swarovski Crystal CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6722 50mm Moon Pendant Swarovski Crystal CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6723 28mm & 40mm Shell Pendant Swarovski Crystal CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6735 Leaf Pendant Leaf  Pendant Swarovski Crystal CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6744 12mm Flower Pendant Swarovski Crystal CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/6744 14mm Flower Pendant Swarovski Crystal CRYSTALLIZED™ Pendants/<a href="http://www.beadsandcrystals.co.uk/cr